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What is Stan Wars?

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What is Stan Wars? Empty What is Stan Wars?

Post by CharlesLeeRay on Sat Oct 08, 2011 2:22 pm

The purpose of POPBEATS is to discuss music in general, we want this to be a place where fans can discuss their favorite music and artists in a fun, civilized way, without needing to deal with people who insult them for the sake of trolling. However, we feel that a forum should have a more fun side as well, where fans can defend their faves in the way they want, leaving aside the good manners, becoming the "stan" we all have inside and just laugh about other artists because after all, our faves like to shade each other too, so why not us? That's why we created STAN WARS, a place where you can express how you feel without the fear of getting banned.

Stan Wars is for the artists NOT THE MEMBERS. Personal insults won't be tolerated, whether it wasn't your intention or as harmless as they may seem. You can say ANYTHING you want about the artists and their fans in general but don't come for any member in particular.

Remember not to take things seriously in this section, this is Stan Wars and some members will say whatever they want to make their faves look better than yours. There's not need to get mad or upset over comments made in this section, just laugh and take it as a joke!

Spam won't be allowed in this section, even if this is Stan Wars. This is a MUSIC forum and I think we all are here to have discussion on MUSIC. That's no different in this section. All your posts and topics must be about music. If they aren't or we notice they're repetitive or simply uncalled for, we reserve the right to remove them without prior notice.

If you can't handle what it's been said in this section, don't come into the section AT ALL. You still can use the other ones and it's perfectly fine if you don't like coming here. Some people are just not here for drama!

Quick recap of the rules in STAN WARS:

1. Bashing and Trolling artists/fan bases in general (for ex: "_____'s fans don't know about real music") is only allowed in this section.
2. Coming for other members won't be tolerated. This includes insulting, bashing, etc.
3. Your topics must stick to music. No spam allowed.
4. This section was created to have a little fun, don't take things personally!
5. if you don't like the section or don't agree with it, leave it!

The mods/admin don't have the time to read each and every one of the posts made in the threads so please if you feel that the rules are been violated in any of the posts, report them via PM.

As mentioned before, the staff reserves the right to remove threads or posts that we feel violate the rules without prior notice. However, you'll be notified via PM with a warning. If you continue to ignore our warnings and you break the rules, your access to STAN WARS will be removed.

What is Stan Wars? H3B82

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